Opinion festival in saunas, where the sauna benches are the discussion stages. The goal is a nice get-together, promotion of sauna culture and development of conversation culture based on the example of sauna. Saun helps us to be better version of ourselves.

Mobile saunas are collected on the Emajõgi City Beach near the city center. Each full hour begins with a conversation that lasts 20-30 minutes. Then there’s the cooling. The conversations have three topics: tradition (rehe), green (rohe), and peace (rahu). A new start at full hour again. It is possible to continue the conversation while cooling.

The conversation style in saunas is what it should be like everywhere – friendly, avoiding confrontation, looking for common ground, inclusive. The sauna is a deep root of our culture, and nowadays bringing well-being and relaxation, pop in every age group and layer of community. The sauna is equal, there are no titles, decorations, or uniforms.

People in the sauna treat each other with respect, friendliness, and sincerity. Without smart phones the focus is on the personal contact. The truth is naked in the literal sense of the word.

“Naked Truth” is part of the main programme of the European Capital of Culture in Tartu 2024.

Friday, the 10th of May, at 17-21 o’clock
Saturday, the 11th of May, at 15-20 o’clock

Emajõe City Beach, Ujula street 102, Tartu city

Mostly in Estonian, some discussions also in English

There is a tent for dressing up, and drinks and food for sale next to sauna area.

Tickets from Piletilevi:
5 euros (children under 12 years for free)

International Sauna Association (ISA), Eesti Maaturism, Oulu 2026, Operation Pirkanmaa (Tampere region), Tartu Finnish Society, Tartu 2024: (International Sauna Association, Eesti Maaturism, Oulu 2026, Operaatio Pirkanmaa, Tartu Soome Selts, Tartu 2024).