The International Uuno Klami Composition Competition, one of the world’s foremost
composition competitions, is being held for the fifth time in 2023–2024. The Jury will be
Finland’s Kalevi Aho, Magnus Lindberg and Lotta Wennäkoski, and Sweden’s Mats
Larsson Gothe, four of the greatest composers and most influential musical figures of
their generation. Conductor Anna-Maria Helsing will also join the jury at a later stage,
she will conduct the competition’s final concerts in autumn 2024. Aho and Lindberg have
been part of the jury since the foundation of the composition competition, since 2003,
Larsson Gothe and Wennäkoski are new members of the jury.

The competition is open to citizens of any EU Member State, of a Nordic country, or of
Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldavia,
Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom or
the Vatican City State (proof of permanent right of residence also accepted). There is no
age limit.

Works entered for the competition must not have been previously published
or performed and must last 15–30 minutes. They must be sent to the Competition Office
postmarked not later than December 4, 2023. The following prizes will be awarded:
I prize €11,000, II prize €9,000 and III prize €7,000. The Jury may, if it wishes, divide the
prizes in some other way.

In spring 2024 the Jury will select at least three but not more than five of the anonymous
entries for the finals. These will be performed at concerts in Kouvola and Kotka in the
autumn season 2024 by the Kymi Sinfonietta, one of the finest Finnish orchestras. The
Jury chooses the winners only after hearing the finals concerts and their rehearsals. The
composers of these entries will be invited to be closely involved in the rehearsing of
their works and thus to acquire valuable international contacts and networks. For many
composers, success in the Klami Competition has indeed meant a decisive boost in their

The International Uuno Klami Composition Competition has attracted an astounding
number of entries: 117 from 23 countries the first time it was held, 186 from 27 countries
the second time, and 265 from 37 countries on the third occasion. In the fourth edition,
a record number of entries was sent to the competition office: altogether 283
compositions from 38 countries. This clearly indicates an obvious demand for a
professional competition for international composers. The V International Uuno Klami
Composition Competition is organised by a Patrons’ Association consisting of the Kymi
Sinfonietta and the cities of Kotka and Kouvola.

Further information: Executive Director Reetaliina Marin, tel. +358 50 324 0058, email, (competition rules etc.).