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Tartu 2024

The Finnish Institute participates in the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 program with several projects.

Naked Truth is an opinion festival in saunas, where the sauna benches are the discussion stages. The goal is a nice get-together, promotion of sauna culture and development of conversation culture based on the example of sauna, because the conversation style in saunas is what it should be like everywhere – friendly, avoiding confrontation, looking for common ground, inclusive. The sauna is equal, there are no titles, decorations, or uniforms. The truth is naked in the literal sense of the word.

BORDER is a work of art which combines music and poetry performed in the twin cities divided by the border. BORDER tell about the challenges at the border, the fears with crossing borders and the courage to cross them. It reflects on the emergence of new boundaries, boundaries within us and in our lives. BORDER is presented on the 7th of May at 18 in Valga and 8th of May in Narva, after that three years in a row in the EU capitals of culture, in the area of which the twin cities are located. 

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