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The institute’s purpose

The Finnish Institute in Estonia maintains, develops, and strengthens Finnish–Estonian cooperation in the fields of culture and education. The institute makes strong initiatives but is also an active background influencer.

Action environment

Estonia is a close neighbor to Finland through language and culture and also an important business partner. The Estonian society and finance have developed rapidly, and Estonia often likes to associate itself with Finland. Finland and Estonia’s culture fields have been in active collaboration. The counties’ centennial festivities strengthened the relations in both a political level and among citizens.


The institute is a significant changemaker and expert in Finnish–Estonian cooperation.


The institute is an unprejudiced mediator of Finnish art, culture, talent, and social values in Estonia.


Equality, openness, and multiculturalism

Strategic priorities

  • To recognize the progressive current tendencies and events in the Estonian society and to create collaboration with them
  • To strengthen the international connections in the programs and to seek partners in the neighboring countries and the institute network
  • To strengthen the institute’s expert role in the field of cultural collaboration

Working methods

  • To recognize current and necessary development areas
  • To execute the program in a professional way, offering new connections
  • To work in an unprejudiced and flexible way, also taking conscious risks
  • To create an extensive network in the Finnish and the Estonian society
  • To act in an economically profitable way

Indicators and evaluation

The effectiveness of the institute’s work is evaluated annually as a whole and per project

  • by writing down the goals of the projects in the action plan, and
  • by defining the financial and qualitative indicators for the projects.