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TelepART projects in 2020

TelepART is a light and fast grant to support the international mobility and performing opportunities of performing artists. Individuals, groups, representatives in the creative field, and event organizers can all apply for the grant. The grant maximum is 1000 euros. It includes travel, accommodation, and delivery costs, a maximum of 50 % of the total budget of the project.

We support creative artists that are just starting their career or are already searching for international experience in music, dance, theater, circus, or performing arts. The grant may be awarded to a Finnish applicant performing abroad or an applicant from another country performing in Finland.

The TelepART application is open at all times, and the applicant is informed of the grant decision within two weeks after submission of the application.


  • Tartu Interdistsiplinaar (EST): Tytti Arola (FIN), Music
    26.8.2020, Nooruse Galerii, Tartu (EST)
  • Canceled Sisus Sirkus (FIN), Circus
    6.7.2020, Cirkuliacija, Kaunas (LT)
    Mosh Split is a energetic show performed by professional female circus artists with a lot of female power. The performance spreads female empowerment, which is very important in today’s society. “Mosh Split” aims to give those people positive energy and a lot of empowerment.
  • Canceled Superposition (FIN), Music
    9.5.2020, Sveta Baar, Tallinn (EST)
  • Canceled Eesti Kandleliit (EST): Maija Kauhanen (FIN), Music
    5.4.3030, Eesti Kunstimuuseum, Tallinn (EST)
  • Canceled Perussastamala “May Queen” (FIN), Music
    21.3.2020, Sveta Baar, Tallinn (EST)
  • Psychoterror (EST), Music
    21.2.2020, 45 Special, Oulu (FIN)
    Psychoterror started in Tallinn in 1991 as a punk rock act. During the years the band has developed musically to diverse directions and has enjoyed acclaim both from the critics and rock audiences. The documentary “Enam kui elu” (More Than Life, 2018) about the bands charismatic vocalist Freddy Grenzmann was shown in the Estonian cinemas and in Estonian television and has attracted a huge attention. 
  • PEU & Windows95Man(FIN), Music
    15.2.2020, Sveta Baar, Tallinn (EST)
    PEU is Scandinavian Italo-Disco from Espoo, Finland. Emotional, serious and powerful music. Windows95Man is a 90s eurodance and music show.
  • Hasard le Sin (FIN), Burlesque
    13-15.2.2020, Heldeke!, Tallinn (EST)
    Hasard le Sin is pushing the boundaries of performance art and the burlesque genre. He has been performing since 2017 and has fast gained international recognition, performing at burlesque shows and festivals in Stockholm, Berlin, Oslo, London and counting. 
  • T.E.C. / Aapo Nikkanen (FIN), Performance
    14.2.2020, Contemporary Art Centre – CAC, Vilnius (LT)
    Tissue Evolution Club (T.E.C.) is a Paris based embroidery club and collective founded by Alex Kelvi, Zoé Renié Harris and Aapo Nikkanen. We will be presenting an installation titled Jung Thug in the group exhibition Head With Many Thoughts, opening on 14th of February in the Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius, Lithuania. The work consists of garments we’ve created based on the ideas and teachings of the 20th century psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung.
  • Livsmedlet Theatre (FIN), Cross-disciplinary
    17.1.2020, Arts Printing House, Vilnius (LT)
    “Invisible Lands” is a performance that deals with refugeeness. Since its premiere this innovative production has been highly acclaimed by international audiences. It reminds its audience that our opinion of refugees is largely a matter of choosing our point of view. These people – anyone, anywhere, anytime – under different circumstances could be us. 
  • ÉLIANE (FIN), Dance
    14-15.1.2020, Vaba Lava Tallinn (EST)
    Dance performance ÉLIANE opens the work of composer Éliane Radique, I’Île Re-sonante, as a physical landscape in dialogue with Radique’s thinking. It invites us to think about our place in the world, and the cycle of nature; our relationship with ourselves and each other, and being in the world. It invites you to ask for change.