CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Urban art event Grand Lasnamäe


Grand Lasnamäe – urban art event I am in the city 2014

The Finnish artist-association Artists O and the Finnish Institute in Estonia are opening an idea contest for an urban art event held in Lasnamäe during autumn 2014. The goal is to bring temporary site-specific artworks into the urban environment in order to create awareness for the urban environment and the actions taking place in the residents´ surroundings.

The event is a continuation of the festival I am in the city (Oon kaupungissa), which first took place in Helsinki, Finland in 2011.  The event brought 26 artworks (installations, performances and other projects) to the everyday surroundings of city dwellers and occupied streets, metro stations in different city districts. The aim of I am the in city urban art event was to put surprise, delight and inspire the everyday life of city dwellers. An additional I am in the city urban art event was held in Lahti, Finland in 2012.  The event showed 16 works of art in the Lahti market area.

In autumn 2014 I am in the city moves across the bay to Tallinn into the biggest Estonian Soviet-time suburban mass-housing district Lasnamäe. The event offers new experiences for local dwellers in their everyday environment in Lasnamäe but also aims to surprise locals from elsewhere and non-locals.

The event is curated by architect Kadri Klementi (Estonia) and artist Kaisu Koivisto (Finland).

The contest proposal must include:
– A description of the work´s concept
– A brief description of the material required for the realisation of the work and an estimate of the budget
– A proposed location for the work

Who can apply?

The competition is open to designers, artists, architects and other creative professionals. The work submitted can be referred to as contemporary art, experimental design, installation, different actions or happenings in the urban environment, performance or other site-specific interventions in the public space.

The artwork or project can focus on a local problem or a dream, offer the audience new experiences and viewpoints. Submitted may be a preliminary plan, which can be developed further during the artists’ workshop in May. The organiser will provide financial support for materials and services directly related to the artwork or project.


1) the proposal must not exceed two A4 pages, including illustrative material (diagrams, sketches, photo collages, etc.)
2) a summary of the author(s) portfolios up to five A4 pages
3) the author(s) CV (s) up to one A4 page (per person)

Submit your proposal electronically (as PDF files ) to by 20 April 2014. The e-mail attachments must not exceed 5 MB.


20 April: deadline for submissions                                                                               
1st   week of May: the works selected will be announced
May: artist workshop in Tallinn
September: start of the event, the completion of the work in progress
November: finissage of the event


Ingrid Orman            Programme manager (culture)               Finnish Institute in Estonia    

+372 577 049 37