Sauna and sauna bathing has been in several cultural capitals during the years one of the important subjects. And this is continuing also in the future here in Tartu as well as in the coming capitals like Chemnitz in Germany, Oulu in Finland etc. It is interesting to see how this can also organise cooperation between the different capitals in different countries.

Next year the capital is Tartu and it is more than natural that sauna is a part of the programs. The smoke sauna culture in Estonia was taken to the UNESCO´s list in 2014 and this has been making the sauna culture stronger in Estonia. This year 2023 has been a special SAUNAYEAR. E.g. during this weekend there is a big sauna event in Rõuge here in Southern Estonia.

NAKED TRUTH festival of saunas as part of the main programme of the European Capital of Culture in Tartu 2024 is something that also International Sauna Association ISA would like to support.

The main event in Tartu in May 2024 is collecting mobile saunas on the Emajõgi City Beach near the city center. During two days there is a possibility to try these saunas and participate the conversation in the saunas. There are three topics: tradition, green and peace which all are important just now.

We at ISA would like to participate to these discussions and at the same time deliver the message of the sauna from one culture capital to another and so also to all those people involved in different countries.

We wish all the best to this event as well as the official organisers.

Helsinki 18.10.2023

Risto Elomaa
International Sauna Association

The International Sauna Association.
Vaskiniementie 10, FIN-00200 Helsinki