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TelepART projects in 2018

TelepART is a light and fast grant to support the international mobility and performing opportunities of performing artists. Individuals, groups, representatives in the creative field, and event organizers can all apply for the grant. The grant maximum is 1000 euros. It includes travel, accommodation, and delivery costs, a maximum of 50 % of the total budget of the project.

We support creative artists that are just starting their career or are already searching for international experience in music, dance, theater, circus, or performing arts. The grant may be awarded to a Finnish applicant performing abroad or an applicant from another country performing in Finland.

The TelepART application is open at all times, and the applicant is informed of the grant decision within two weeks after submission of the application.

  • WeJazz Tallinn: Alder Ego
    6.12.2018, Sveta Bar, Tallinn (EST)
  • Susanna Leinonen Company Nasty
    23.-24.11.2018 KUMU, Tallinn (EST)
  • Loiske Ensamble BabySauna
    3.-4.10.2018 Šiaulai drama theater, Šiaulai (LIT) 
  • View ja Joensuu 1685
    21.-22.9.2018 Station Narva Festival, Narva (EST) 
  • R. Haavisto, A, Pakkanen, J. Bäckström, T. Juutilainen, V. Saukkonen and P. Lasonen
    G. Paisiello: La serva padrona
    8.9.2018 Narva Opera Days ContempArt, Narva (EST)
  • Jalostamo2 Kihnu Jõnn (Narrien laiva)
    7.9.-18.11.2018 Teatteri NO99, Tallinn (EST)
  • Jaye Consort & Tuuli Lindberg 
    7.7.2018 Haapsalu Vanamuusikafestival, Haapsalu (EST)
  • W A U H A U S Flashdance
    5.-6.7.2018 Baltoscandal festival, Rakvere (EST)
  • Thom Monckton Only Bones
    9.-10.6.2018 HOOG Festival, Haapsalu (EST)
  • Kolm Õde / Three Sisters
    8.-10.6.2018 Tadaa Festival, Tallinn (EST)
  • Sadsongkomplex:fi Sad Song from the Heart of Europe
    Freedom Festival
    18.5.2018 Teatteri Vanemuine, Tartu (EST)
  • Outi Elena Valanto I.CYBORG
    5.5.2018 Rae Kultuurikeskus (EST)
  • Salla Loper Fluids
    3.5, 9.5, 10.5.2018 Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (EST)