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TelepART Mobility Support Platform

The TelepART platform aims to generate more cultural exchange opportunities between performing artists in Finland and the Baltic countries. The TelepART mobility grant is available for professional artists/groups and event organisers. The Finnish Institute in Estonia processes and coordinates the applications for the whole Baltic region. Read more about the grant and apply at

List of funded Finnish-Baltics projects:


  • Livsmedlet Theatre (FIN), Cross-disciplinary
    17.1.2020 Arts Printing House, Vilnius (LTU)
    “Invisible Lands” is a performance that deals with refugeeness. Since its premiere this innovative production has been highly acclaimed by international audiences. It reminds its audience that our opinion of refugees is largely a matter of choosing our point of view. These people – anyone, anywhere, anytime – under different circumstances could be us.
  • ÉLIANE (FIN), Dance
    14-15.1.2020, Vaba Lava Tallinn (EST)
    Dance performance ÉLIANE opens the work of composer Éliane Radique, I’Île Re-sonante, as a physical landscape in dialogue with Radique’s thinking. It invites us to think about our place in the world, and the cycle of nature; our relationship with ourselves and each other, and being in the world. It invites you to ask for change.


  • Nukketeatteri Pikkukulkuri & Nukketeatteri Ofelia / Ilpo Mikkonen & Anne Lihavainen (FIN), Puppetry
    5.-6.12.2019 Pärnu + Tartu (EST) Sibelius Saga: Puppet theatre performance with masks based on music of Jean Sibelius
  • Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (EST), Dance
    29.11.2019 Kutomo, Turku (FIN)
    “Fluids” is a first time collaboration between Estonian contemporary dance production house Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava and Finnish arts collective W A U H A U S, as the latter created a new performance featuring Estonian dancers Joanna Kalm, Karolin Poska, Sigrid Savi, Joonas Tagel and Swedish actress Salla Loper (replaced by Keithy Kuuspu from November 2019).
    In Fluids W A U H A U S creates a state of slipperiness on stage in which the human subject cannot fully control its own body. Fluids invites the audience to encounter empathy, intimacy, and failure in these times when individualism, perfectionism, and mistrust prevail in society. How to surrender oneself to be moved by someone else? How to be moved by a thing rather by your own will?
  • Kari Paavola (FIN), Music
    3.12.2019 Erinevate Tubade Klubi (EST)
    A regular Improvised music event focusing on Funk and Soul music. The event has a long history at Philly Joe’s club but has now moved to a bigger place. Kari has worked with Enrique Ingress, Womack and Womack, Tasha Taylor, Vanessa Haynes ( Incognito lead singer ) Imaani ( Incognito lead singer ) Geno Washington, The Wedding Present, The Filthy Six ( Acid Jazz Records ) Xantone Blacq etc… Kari has played in over 15 countries, and performed over 80 concerts in the USA.
  • Toni Jokiniitty (FIN), Music
    21.11.2019 Philly Joe’s Tallinn (EST)
    Cuejero Duo feat. Ruber Veliz – Cuejero is a Finland-based international world music ensemble. Two of its members, bassist Javier Sánchez Pérez (ESP/FIN) and guitarist Tony de María (FIN) will play in this concert with singer Ruber Veliz (CUB/EST). In this concert they play some of Cuejero’s songs and latin and flamenco music.
  • Jaska Lukkarinen Trio (FIN), Music
    9.11.2019 Sveta Baar, Tallinn (EST)
    Over their career of nearly 15 years, the Jaska Lukkarinen Trio, consisting of drummer Jaska Lukkarinen, tenor saxophonist Jussi Kannaste and bassist Antti Lötjönen, have refined their collaborative playing and communication to an almost telepathic level. They released their “Origami” album in 2017 via We Jazz Records and were featured on the We Jazz Live Plates release “Berlin 27.10.17” (2018). Lukkarinen, Kannaste and Lötjönen are all alumni of Sibelius Academy and highly sought after professionals.
  • JAF Trio (FIN), Music
    12.10.2019 Sveta Baar, Tallinn (EST)
    JAF Trio is a young and up-and-coming Finnish-Danish band, presenting their spontaneously swinging and deeply melodic take on the saxophone-bass-drums trio. Formed by saxophonist Adele Sauros, bassist Joonas Tuuri and drummer Frederik Bülow, JAF Trio was awarded the 2017 We Jazz Rising Star accolade, and the trio of young musicians known from such outfits as Bowman Trio, Katu Kaiku and Superposition!, are now back in full swing. Sauros and Tuuri are both students at Sibelius Academy’s Jazz program, while Bülow gained his Nordic Master of Jazz degree while studying at Sibelius Academy, The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and on exchange in The Rotterdam Conservatory.
  • Pia Lindman (FIN), Performance
    21.09.-1.12.2019 Kai Art Center, Tallinn (EST)
    “Finnish artist Pia Lindman is participating in the group exhibition Let the field of your attention… soften and spread out at Kai Art Center (21.09.-1.12.2019) during Tallinn Photomonth. Drawing on both artistic and therapeutic practices, the project explores the potential of an exhibition as recovery and ponders upon what are we looking to recover from. Lindman’s performance responds to a contemporary desire to mend the fission between science and art, healing and creativity – and moves beyond the human body proper to multiple realms of life.”
  • Merja Pöyhönen (FIN), Puppetry
    29.9.2019 NUKU Theatre Black Box, Tallinn (EST) 
    The Tarning of the Shrew” is the story about 2 young soul, who stand against the deceptive and fake world, but meeting with each other turns new page into their lives. Director Merja Pöyhönen uses in her work visual-, puppet- and object theatre tools, connecting them with classical drama acting.”
  • Orivesi All Stars (FIN), Music
    25.7.2019, Viljandi Folk Music Festival (EST)
  • Sepi Kumpulainen duo and Antto terras (FIN)
    7.-8.6.2019, Luige Nokk humour festival, Tallinn (EST)
  • Rakastajat Theatre Company / Girts Solis The Story of Daniel Ray, Theatre
    16.-17.5.2019, Pori Theatre Festival Lain§uojattomat, Pori (FIN)
  • WeJazz Tallinn: OK:KO (FIN), We Jazz DJs w/ friends, Music
    11.5.2019, Sveta baar, Tallinn (EST)
  • Defunensamble (FIN) Tarantino Études. Music
    8.5.2019, World Music Days, Tallinn (EST)
  • Petri Kumela (FIN) The Forest of Sounds. Music
    3.5.2019, World Music Days, Tallinn (EST)
  • Jere Haakana Varjosto and Lauri Kadalipp Social Jazz, Music
    2.-3.5. ja 22.5.2019, Heimojazz, Tartu, Tallinn (EST), Helsinki (FIN)
  • WeJazz Tallinn: Oaagaada, We Jazz DJs w/ friends, Music
    13.4., Sveta Baar, Tallinn (EST)
  • Ida Elina and Duo Peili (FIN), Music
    12.4.2019, The International Kannel Festival in Tartu (Eesti Rahva Museeum), Tartu (EST)
  • Nihkee Akka (FIN), Poetry, performance
    4.4.2019, TarSlämm @ Vilde ja Vine, Tartu (EST)
  • Juha Valkeapää and Taito Hoffrén, Fear/Pelko (FIN), Theatre
    11.-12.3.2019, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn (EST)


  • WeJazz Tallinn: Alder Ego
    6.12.2018, Sveta Bar, Tallinn (EST)
  • Susanna Leinonen Company Nasty
    23.-24.11.2018 KUMU, Tallinn (EST)
  • Loiske Ensamble BabySauna
    3.-4.10.2018 Šiaulai drama theater, Šiaulai (LIT)
  • View ja Joensuu 1685
    21.-22.9.2018 Station Narva Festival, Narva (EST)
  • R. Haavisto, A, Pakkanen, J. Bäckström, T. Juutilainen, V. Saukkonen and P. Lasonen
    G. Paisiello: La serva padrona
    8.9.2018 Narva Opera Days ContempArt, Narva (EST)
  • Jalostamo2 Kihnu Jõnn (Narrien laiva)
    7.9.-18.11.2018 Teatteri NO99, Tallinn (EST)
  • Jaye Consort & Tuuli Lindberg 
    7.7.2018 Haapsalu Vanamuusikafestival, Haapsalu (EST)
  • W A U H A U S Flashdance
    5.-6.7.2018 Baltoscandal festival, Rakvere (EST)
  • Thom Monckton Only Bones
    9.-10.6.2018 HOOG Festival, Haapsalu (EST)
  • Kolm Õde / Three Sisters
    8.-10.6.2018 Tadaa Festival, Tallinn (EST)
  • Sadsongkomplex:fi Sad Song from the Heart of Europe
    Freedom Festival
    18.5.2018 Teatteri Vanemuine, Tartu (EST)
  • Outi Elena Valanto I.CYBORG
    5.5.2018 Rae Kultuurikeskus (EST)
  • Salla Loper Fluids
    3.5, 9.5, 10.5.2018 Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (EST)

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