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Maija Tammi and Charles Quevillon: Unheroic Labours #2

HD video, sound, 11’12’’
Courtesy the artist and AV-arkki

Unheroic Labours #2 is a collaboration between artist duo Charles Quevillon and Maija Tammi and Canadian choreographer Tedd Robinson. The work is a short video piece and a performance that examines immortality and the human position amongst other creatures. The artists aim to combine movements of fresh-water polyps, hydra, creatures that do not age at all, to human dance movements. The video focuses on two creatures: a slowly moving hydra and a dancing human (Quevillon). Robinson “telechoreographed” the piece via video calls from his studio in Bristol, Canada. Quevillon has created the soundscape for the video, and Tammi has filmed the dancing and rummaged through hours of videos on hydra, which she has been filming during the last three years.



Maija Tammi (b. 1985) is a Finnish artist and Doctor of Arts, whose photographs, videos, and installations examine the borders of disgust and fascination, science and art. Tammi’s work has been exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Rome, London, New York and Tokyo, and she has published four books. Tammi currently holds the honorary title Artist Professor and a grant for 2020–2024.

Charles Quevillon (b. 1989) is a Canadian composer and performer. He obtained a master degree in composition at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal, and has worked for nine years with choreographer Tedd Robinson on several projects that were presented across Canada. In 2018, they co-authored an hour-long opera that premiered in Ottawa. Quevillon is currently a PhD candidate at the Music Technology department, Sibelius Academy (Helsinki).